Utah Becomes Seventh State to Let Patients Access Prescribing Clinical Psychologists

March 4, 2024

By Jeffrey A. Singer

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Expand Access to Methadone Treatment

Remove Barriers to Primary Care Practitioners Prescribing Methadone

September 7, 2023
Policy Analysis NO. 960
By Jeffrey A. Singer and Sofia Hamilton

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Examining psychologist prescriptive authority as a cost-effective strategy for reducing suicide rates.

By Hughes, P. M., Phillips, D. C., McGrath, R. E., & Thomas, K. C.

Prescribing psychologists: Forgotten providers in the battle against opioid use disorder

April 11 2023
By: Phillip M. Hughes, Derek C. Phillips, E. Blake Fagan

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Prescriptive Authority Gains New Momentum

Legislative victories, new training opportunities, and a maturing of the field are giving prescriptive authority a new boost

Prescribing Psychology Poised for Expansion

A confluence of variables is again spotlighting this specialty.

With the passing of HB23-1071, Licensed Psychologist Prescriptive Authority, in Colorado on March 3, 2023, there are now six states and a U.S. territory, along with the U.S. Department of Defense, Public Health Service, and Indian Health Service, which allow for psychologists to prescribe psychotropic medication. At least six other states have or have indicated that they are submitting prescribing psychology bills this year. . .

Mar. 18, 2023
By Carrie H. Kennedy Ph.D., ABPP

Will Arizona Soon Become the Seventh State to Allow Patients Access to Prescribing Psychologists?

On March 3, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed into law HB 1071, allowing Colorado’s residents to join those in the states of New Mexico, Louisiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Idaho who are able to access medically assisted psychotherapy from qualified prescribing psychologists (RxPs). Arizonans have reason to be hopeful that their state will be next in line to remove government obstacles to RxPs.

Mar. 6th, 2023
By Jeffrey A. Singer

Colorado Poised to Become Sixth State to Allow Patients Access to Prescribing Psychologists

After passing the Colorado House of Representatives by a vote of 56–6, the Colorado Senate, last week, unanimously approved HB 1071, which allows licensed, doctorate‐​level clinical psychologists who undergo additional training to prescribe psychiatric medications to their mental health patients.

FEBRUARY 27, 2023
By Jeffrey A. Singer

Coloradans Might Soon Get Increased Access To Medically Assisted Mental Health Service

The Colorado legislature is seeking ways to address Coloradans’ lack of access to mental health services amidst a national mental health shortage. On February 9, the Colorado House of Representatives voted 56–6 to pass HB1071. The bill creates a new category of mental health specialists called Prescribing Psychologists, or RxPs.

Feb. 13th, 2023
By Jeffrey A. Singer

Expand Access to Mental Health Care: Remove Barriers to Psychologists Prescribing Medications

Lawmakers should not assume that existing educational paths or other paths that they might imagine are the only ways to produce competent prescribing psychologists.

By Jeffrey A. Singer

Deaths of Despair: Prescriptive Authority of Psychologists and Suicides

Suicide rates in the United States have been increasing for the past several years. Limited access to mental healthcare has many adverse effects, especially for marginalized communities. Between 2002 and 2017, five states (NM, LA, IL, IA, and ID) passed legislation allowing psychologists to prescribe psychotropic medication when deemed necessary for patient care, popularly referred to as the RxP movement.

Sep 08, 2021 | Working Paper
By Agnitra Roy Choudhury and Alicia Plemmons

Psychology Trainees May Not Be Allowed to Practice What They Preach

Psychology Trainees May Not Be Allowed to Practice What They Preach

There’s an urgent need for understanding of burnout among psychology students. Posted February 25, 2022 |  Reviewed by Gary Drevitch This post was written by Rita M. Rivera, M.S., CTP and David Benitez, M.S. representatives of...
Dr. Beth Rom Rymer Article

För Psykologer

In twenty years, psychologists in countries outside of the United States will  have the authority  to prescribe psychotropic medications for psychological dysfunction. More and more people will then have better...
GB Article

Premier Doctors 2022: Dr. Gretchen Boules

GRETCHEN A. BOULES, PSYD BOULES CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY GROUP, PLLC   SPECIALTY: Clinical Psychologist and Prescribing Psychologist EDUCATION: BA, Loyola University of Chicago; MA and PsyD, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology;...
Boules Photo SM

Finding Comfort and Inspiration During the Covid-19 Pandemic

By  Gretchen A. Boules, Psy.D. It has been four weeks since we’ve had to adjust to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Each person responds differently during stressful times:  thoughts and feelings run the...
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