August 6th Luncheon

IAPP August 6th Luncheon

On Sunday August 6, 2023, immediately following the close of the APA Convention, It was my great pleasure to welcome to my home to celebrate and honor our many partners, international and national, our psychologist colleagues and our colleagues who work for the betterment of humanity, outside of our beloved field of Psychology.

First on the agenda, we heard from two remarkable psychologists, Dr. Sarah Friedman and Dr. Dorothy Cantor, both eminent in their areas of specialization. They talked about the Association of Jewish Psychologists (AJP) and the research fund that we have established in partnership with the American Psychological Foundation, to support much needed research on the effects of antisemitism on children and families and on our larger society.

Joining us by Zoom were the two leaders of the Prescriptive Authority Movement in South Africa, Dr. Joachim Mureriwa and Dr. Thabiso Rapapali, who greeted us from their homes in South Africa. Then, the two leaders of the Prescriptive Authority Movement in Poland, Dr. Anna Wegierek and Dr. Monika Y. Kos spoke to us from their homes in the US.

The two leaders of the Prescriptive Authority Movement in Jamaica spoke with us: Mrs. Djavila Ho from the Miami airport as she makes her way back home from APA and Dr. Kai Morgan was here with us in-person.

The other members of our Prescriptive Authority Around the Globe panel with us in-person were Dr. Diana Velikonja from Ontario, Canada; Dr. Bibi Toukhly, a Jordanian American, who currently lives and works in Florida but who is working to start a Prescriptive Authority Movement in Jordan and the larger Middle East; Thaiane Alburquerque from Brazil; and Dr. Judi Steinman, who leads Prescriptive Authority Movements in both Hawaii and Florida. All will give a 30 second overview of their work with Prescriptive Authority in their respective countries.

We had three other extraordinary leaders with us: Dan Gillison, the CEO of National NAMI; Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, a world-renowned humanitarian; and our very own CEO, Dr. Arthur Evans.

After our speakers, we had a special musical treat from friends and colleagues who played a few musical favorites.

Please enjoy these pictures and videos of our community of colleagues and friends who are an immense gift. With partners like these, we can accomplish anything that we set our mind to. Thank-you all for playing such important roles in the work that we do!

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