IAPP Eleventh Biannual Prescriptive Authority Networking Dinner


Together, we are growing our Prescriptive Authority Movement in Illinois, nationally, and internationally! Your enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to the underserved citizens of Illinois and around the globe, inspires every day! How exciting to see everyone! Your energy and delight with our work to improve healthcare for our society's most vulnerable, is palpable. Thank-you, all, and looking forward to our next event on August 20th!

This event is partially supported by Corey Dabney, Ph.D.


Featured on our Program for April 2nd will be Dr. Morgan Sammons, Chief Executive Officer of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists; Dr. Pat DeLeon, the Father of our Prescriptive Authority Movement;  Mark Taylor, principal of our IAPP Taylor Uhe lobbying team; and Dr. Corey Dabney, CEO and Chairman, Dabney Behavioral Health, in Chicago.  Dr. Dabney will talk about the need for Medicaid reform in Illinois and is one of the underwriters of this networking event.

In addition to hearing our keynote speakers, we will be hearing about the current practice experiences of our 13 Illinois licensed prescribing psychologists; and the training experiences and career aspirations of our prescribing psychology trainees, who are both practicing psychologists and psychology graduate students. We will honor the milestones of both the practicing prescribing psychologists and those in training. Finally, we will be hearing from Prescriptive Authority leaders, from around the country, as they give us updates on their states' RxP legislative advocacy progress.

Event Speakers

Morgan Sammons, Ph.D., ABPP

Morgan Sammons, Ph.D., ABPP

Chief Executive Officer, National Register of Health Service Psychologists

Dr. Morgan Sammons is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Register for Health Service Psychologists.  Dr. Sammons is a retired Navy Captain and, during his naval career, he served as the Navy’s Clinical Psychology Specialty Leader, Special Assistant to the Navy Surgeon General for Mental Health and Traumatic Brain Injury, and

in a number of positions both in the US and abroad.  Dr. Sammons is formerly the Systemwide Dean of the California School of Professional Psychology and was in the first training cohort of military prescribing psychologists from 1992-1994.  Dr. Sammons is an indefatigable champion of prescriptive authority legislation in Illinois as well as around the country!  

Pat DeLeon, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Pat DeLeon, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Chief of Staff, Senator Daniel Inouye (1973-2011)

Past President, APA (2000)

Dr. Pat DeLeon is an American psychologist, former chief of staff for United States Senator Daniel Inouye and past president of the American Psychological Association (2000). He became an aide for Senator Inouye in 1973, when Senator Inouye served on a committee investigating the Watergate scandal, and remained on the senator's staff for 38 years. After Dr. DeLeon's daughter survived meningitis in 1984, he was involved in the establishment of the Emergency Medical Services for Children program. Dr. DeLeon helped to create the nursing and pharmacy schools at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Dr. DeLeon retired in 2011 as Senator Inouye's Chief of Staff. Upon Dr. DeLeon's retirement, Senator Inouye credited him with working to improve education in Hawaii and with furthering public awareness of the importance of psychologists, nurses and other health providers. He has written nearly 175 peer-reviewed papers and has served as a faculty member at several U.S. universities. Dr. DeLeon currently serves as faculty at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD.  He received the APA Award for Lifetime Contributions to Psychology in 2009. An APA award in Dr. DeLeon's name honors a graduate student who contributes to the advancement of pharmacotherapy in psychology. Dr. DeLeon is considered to be the “grandfather” of the U.S. Prescriptive Authority Movement.  He was elected to the Institute of Medicine in 2008. He has been named an Honorary Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Principal, Taylor Uhe

Lobbying Team, Illinois Association of Prescribing Psychologists

Mark Taylor is a principal and founding member of the public relations firm, Taylor Uhe.  Taylor Uhe was established in 2007 by Mark Taylor and Rob Uhe, former partners in the government relations practice of the global law firm Mayer Brown.  The firm is typically involved in the most important and complex legislation during the Illinois General Assembly session.  The Taylor Uhe firm set and beautifully implemented the brilliant strategy for passing Prescriptive Authority, one of the most controversial pieces of legislation psychologists face.  

Corey Dabney, Ph.D., MBA

Corey Dabney, Ph.D., MBA

CEO and Chairman, Dabney Behavioral Health, Chicago

Dr. Corey Dabney is the CEO and Chairman of Dabney Behavioral Health in Chicago, Illinois. Dabney Behavioral Health is committed to providing Mental Health support services for children, parents, caregivers, and educators. Dr. Dabney is passionate about education and healthcare, specifically, how these two areas impact our communities. As the Founder of the First African American University in the State of Indiana, Dr. Dabney is a leader in developing opportunities within the medical and mental health profession. He is a Lifetime Member of the National Honor Society in Psychology, Psi Chi, a Former Board Member of the Indiana Association of Private Career Schools and a current Board Member of the Illinois Association of Prescribing Psychologists. A great supporter of the arts, Dr. Dabney enjoys acting and production, rounding out his unique, multi-hyphenate career path.

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