Dr. Jeffrey Singer Receives The IAPP National Mental Health Champion Award of 2023

Dr. Rom Rymer and Dr. Singer with Award RTC

Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, in the Department of Health Policy Studies. He is also President Emeritus and founder of Valley Surgical Clinics, Ltd., the largest and oldest group private surgical practice in Arizona. He has been in private practice as a general surgeon for more than 40 years. 

Jeff has been an indefatigable and highly successful champion of high quality, comprehensive care for so many in our communities who have not had access to mental health care.  Dr. Singer believes that psychologists’ prescriptive authority, as a matter of good public policy, can help to solve our national and international mental health shortage crisis.

We are so grateful to Dr. Singer:  for the reams of testimony that he has given on our public health crisis and his testimony demonstrating that psychologists’ practicing prescriptive authority is an important public health initiative; for the numerous articles that he has written, with a beautiful, logical clarity, arguing for Prescriptive Authority as good public policy; for giving many of us the opportunity to speak at top Cato events; for seizing every opportunity to talk with federal legislators about the critical need for prescribing psychologists; and, above all, for his enthusiastic presentation.  For all of this and much more, the Illinois Association of Prescribing Psychologists is proud to present to Dr. Jeff Singer, the IAPP National Mental Health Champion Award of 2023!

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