IAPP Pride Spotlight Banner 2024 (2)

Spotlight on: Claudia Mosier, Psy.D., MSCP

"Widening my professional skills to be able to prescribe, and unprescribe for LGBTQ+ communities is one of the joys of my life. An unfortunate fact of life for LGBTQ+ individuals is exposure to professionals who, mostly unwittingly, prescribe through a lens of prejudges and lack of knowledge of our communities. I can appropriately address that now. Representation is also important. I find that my LGBTQ+ patients look at me and have hope that, because of who I am, I may better understand them, their circumstances, hopes and dreams. It helps people who have been traumatized by medical situations to feel safe enough to try psychopharmacology. One particular patient comes to mind; An older transgender woman who transitioned years ago with PTSD and depressive symptoms, who wouldn’t go to a doctor, but she came to me. Eventually she agreed to try psychotropic treatment-and it worked for her. She is now free of years of burden from attempting to manage her psychological distress with therapy alone."

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