IAPP Speaking Engagements

The Illinois Association of Prescriptive Authority (IAPP) offers board members available to speak at your organization or university. These experts are able to provide detailed information on the journey to becoming a prescribing psychologists including details on the education and training process as well as their personal experiences.

Topics Can Include:

  • Education and Training Pathways: Understanding the steps to becoming a prescribing psychologist.
  • Personal Experiences: Insights from practicing prescribing psychologists on their roles and impacts.
  • Community Impact: How prescribing psychologists contribute to community mental health.

For more information about IAPP speaking engagements please get in touch using the form below, or email us at info@ilprescribingpsychologists.com

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About IAPP

IAPP's Mission is to fully implement the practice of prescriptive authority by highly trained prescribing psychologists; expand the scope of practice of prescribing psychologists to the full extent of their training and expertise, through effective legislative lobbying and the development and sustaining of alliances with community stakeholders; advocate for the mental health needs of the most underserved populations within Illinois; promote broad diversity and inclusivity within the prescribing psychologist community; and ensure broad diversity and inclusivity within the Association.

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