VA Telehealth Services

VA Telehealth utilizes three different modalities:

1 .Clinical Video Telehealth

2. Home Telehealth

3. Store & Forward Telehealth


Clinical Video Telehealth would be similar to what RxP’s could provide via telehealth in the civilian sector. This modality allows providers to access patients in real-time through video to another clinic or directly to the patient’s home. The patient simply needs access to a smart phone, tablet, or webcam. The VA is now recognized as one of the world leaders in this developing area within health care. Clinical Video Telehealth is utilized to make diagnoses, manage care, perform check-ups, and to provide care.

Telehealth is being utilized within over fifty specialty areas within the VA. Examples include TeleCardiology, TeleOccupational Therapy, and TeleMental Health. Telehealth increases access to care and providers. Within the 2016 fiscal year, more than 307,000 used Clinical Video Telehealth. TeleMental Health for Veterans reduced Acute Psychiatric VA bed days of care by 39% and a 32% decrease in VA hospital admissions. High Veteran satisfaction scores were reported by 92% for Clinical Video Telehealth in the 2016 fiscal year.

VA providers who utilize Telehealth must complete a 30-minute web-based training, Telehealth to Home Using Video Connect Provider Training. This training covers special considerations for using Telehealth, legal considerations, how to document the appointments, emergency contingency plans, and basic troubleshooting.

More extensive training is recommended for RxP’s who wish to utilize Telehealth in their practices.

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